Saturday 7th October 2023

 This weekend marked the first away game of the season, and a waddle of 17 players trekked down the M1 to the City of Steel. 

It might be the start of October, but you wouldn’t have known it from the weather- a mere 24 degrees !!!

First quarter we came out fighting. Penguins of a feather stick together and team morale was high, so much so by half time we were winning 7-5 !!!

Unfortunately, in the third quarter, home advantage allowed Sheffield to recruit  extra defence …. Wasps!! Louisa and Lizzie were both stung but refused to go down without a fight. Go on girls! Unfortunately though we were rattled, our co-captains Becky and Ellen called time when things started to slip. Simply put we needed more passion and more ENERGY! Final 30 seconds of the quarter, drawing and stuck in our own third, we’d gained a penalty. PAM was in full force and communication was on 🔥🔥; getting the ball down to the other end of the pitch-  Bella securing the another goal before the end of quarter. 

Start of the final quarter, Sheffield put up a good fight and made our middies work hard. Unfortunately in the final 2 seconds of the match they scored an equaliser. Final Score: 12-12. Shout out to our girl of the game Amy (91)!

Comparing our performance to last season, summer training and preseason have led to clear  improvement. We are pumped and ready for the season.